Why it is worth developing a relationship with a recruitment agency as both client and candidate

Walker Dendle operates as a boutique financial recruiter networking across South West London, Middlesex and Surrey. This is a service we have been providing, and a network we have been nurturing, since 1999. We are in the enviable position of being able to market individuals and businesses having provided services to them over a number of years and with many those years total over a decade. We are a genuine boutique through choice; this allows us to offer a number of features that will not be available should you choose to work with a different brand. These include an unrivalled amount of financial recruitment experience; a proven track record of delivery; stability as an owner managed business with long term tenure consultants. We have the experience that you need to deliver the right role to you if you are a candidate and the right candidate to you if you are a client. In short, high quality services delivered in a timely manner via reliable consultation.

Following the election result, one of the key words that you will hear is ‘uncertainty’. Our experience enables us to apply creative solutions having experienced the highs and lows of the job market over a number of years. As an owner managed business we work in partnership so no time that you invest, whether face to face or otherwise, is wasted. That knowledge is retained and easily shared. As a boutique we are nimble enough to respond quickly to your requirements and mobile enough to work around your time table. We work in a fast paced environment where no team that we recruit to is ever over resourced. We experience these time pressures ourselves and constantly seek innovative ways of reaching out to our network with worthwhile engagement at the core of every call and meeting.

Experience also means that we are able to quickly understand your needs and requirements. We have recruited to certain genres of roles multiple times across a myriad of businesses in our geographical area of choice. We are fully aware of the obstacles that may need to be overcome before you go to market. This means that we are more valuable as solution providers, and more successful as recruiters, based on the high hit rate of the instructions that we take on and the length of tenure that our placements tend to experience with their company of choice.

None of this is possible without our commitment to the financial recruitment industry and we benefit hugely from client and candidate referrals. We cannot place enough emphasis on the need to engage and interact with us in a challenging job market. With a number of uncertainties ahead it is important that clients and candidates seek out consultants who are resilient and well informed and those who can see beyond the status quo. We believe we offer this service with alacrity!


Estha Heiden

June 2017