Thank you!

This is our simple, succinct message to all of the candidates and clients who support us. Invariably you are one and the same and many of you have known or worked with us personally throughout your careers; in some instances, since our inception. So, thank you, we would like you to know your support is not only appreciated but also what keeps a well-established independent in business.

A positive recruitment experience for everyone involved in the process should not be hard to achieve. We all have the same goal in mind; I want to secure a role for my candidates, my candidates want to secure a job offer and my clients want to offer employment to their candidate of choice. 

So, this is the service that we aim to deliver, a positive, transparent recruitment experience developed from a clear starting point. We want you to be decisive about your requirements and give us the information you believe we need to find you the right role. Similarly, if you are looking to hire a candidate using our services, our expectations would be exactly the same.  

We have the same expectations of ourselves, we have a lot of experience that has been developed over nearly two decades, working together, with many of the same clients and candidates in the same area. Our book of business may have developed organically over the years but our business model and values remain the same. 

We are delighted and welcome repeat business, which happens regularly and is hugely motivating. We would like to encourage more on the basis that you will receive the service that you have come to expect and that, in the most positive manner possible, our service has not changed.

There have been a lot of developments that have impacted the traditional role of the recruitment consultant but expectations are as they should be. People want to feel valued, listened to and understood. This applies to all of us and it is important that everybody has the same expectations of themselves. 

As a society, we appear to be pulled in conflicting directions. We are very focused on emotional intelligence and empathy yet we also have a zeitgeist of expecting ‘everything, all of the time’. I think there is a happy medium to be had and perhaps candidates and clients could vote with their feet? So ‘thank you’, we have not changed and do not intend to. We offer a transparent, positive recruitment service and intend to keep on doing so. We look forward to hearing from you!


Estha Heiden

November 2017