Interview advice

The interview process has become a highly competitive and rigorous process and our advice is to take the process very seriously indeed.

Research and planning are the two most important areas when preparing for an interview.  At Walker Dendle we offer practical advice on how to talk yourself into the job that you want with honest, informative guidance beforehand and constructive feedback after the interview.

To assist you we may recommend a meeting with one of our consultants before an interview in order to go through the research on the company and, in doing so, will provide you with any additional information or advice that we believe will enhance your chance of success.

Before going for an interview we would typically expect you to research the following:

  • Company Financials
  • Company Portfolio
  • Walker Dendle will have discussed with you the job specification and its requirements
  • Company Website
  • Practice critical reasoning tests if applicable

At the interview

  • Ensure that you are confident with the details on your CV and expand where asked.  Give concise and credible answers.
  • With the job specification in mind, be prepared to draw down on evidence of specific examples of competencies and achievements in your current and previous roles.
  • Be relaxed, but not overconfident.
  • Listen and take time to answer questions.  Well thought out and measured answers are far more valuable than quick fire statements.
  • Have a list of questions set out beforehand.  These show a real interest in the company and role as well as demonstrating an informed approach.  Ask open-ended questions to gather as much information as you can from the interviewer.  This will prove essential at the second stage and will also offer the opportunity for you to interview a prospective employer!
  • Be prepared for ‘small talk’ – for example current topics to demonstrate knowledge, communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

After the interview

Call us!  Your consultant will need to debrief with you at the earliest opportunity.  In a competitive market the quicker we know your thoughts, the better we can manage your expectations for the next stage.

Walker Dendle will contact the company for its feedback and deliver it in an honest, open and constructive fashion to prepare you for the next stage.

Click here for our Interview guide.