An update from our CEO - January 2017

Always the optimists, the team at Walker Dendle has been poised to embrace 2017 for, well, most of 2016 to be frank! And talking to many of you, we are not alone in wanting to see the back of the last year! In fact, it has not gone unnoticed how many humorous posts have appeared on social media recently citing 2016 as the most bizarre – and frustrating year ever; a dark and sinister place that should not be revisited under any circumstances and I concur with that sentiment!

However, in the interest of positivity, let’s consider instead the plus points – and there were a few ..!  

Team GB’s stellar performance in Rio, Andy Murray’s second championship title at Wimbledon, Walker Dendle’s move to the Kopshop, Kingston upon Thames was pronounced the area with the longest life expectancy in the UK, Tim Peake describing his successful return to earth as “the best ride I’ve been on…ever”, the Giant Panda was declared no longer an endangered species…. and Leonardo DiCaprio claimed his very first Oscar!

On the recruitment front, the landscape was a roller coaster of highs and lows, but according to APSCO, employment levels remained high and, as recruitment activity in Surrey outstripped all other counties in the South, we are confident that the demand for staff in the region looks set to continue well into 2017. A key point noted in the UK Recruitment Index Survey of 2016 was that, whilst the overall growth continued in the UK recruitment sector, the pace of growth may have slowed somewhat in the Spring. There was no doubt that in the immediate build up to the UK referendum on EU membership in June the appetite to hire diminished considerably and since the vote to leave the EU, and the subsequent volatility in sterling and share prices, the extent to which businesses hired plateaued in Q3. That said Walker Dendle experienced a rush of activity toward the close of the year and so, while the economic landscape looks uncertain ahead, we move into 2017  with expectations of  a more buoyant local labour market.        

Read more about our take on the employment market for finance professionals in our brand new attraction, reward & retention survey, 2017.     

With this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support last year and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017!

Lisa Dendle, January 2017